The Interdevelopmental Institute

The IDM Institute was founded by Dr. Otto Laske in 2000, and is the world's leading provider of research-based adult-developmental education for managers, consultants, coaches, HR strategists and psychologists.
Based on more than 15 years of research, IDM enables people to understand and develop themselves and others by bringing together 3 fundamental dimensions of adult development.
The Institute's consulting arm delivers teaching, mentoring, leadership development coaching, and capability management services worldwide to innovative organizations that are seeking improve the use of the human potential of their workforce.

Benefits of Using the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF)

IDM teaches students most of whom are seasoned professionals in coaching and consulting from all over the world. All IDM courses are taught as developmental coaching courses focusing on advanced coaching skills. These courses give professionals the tools to understand their clients in depth from a developmental perspective, focusing on:
  • Emotional maturity
  • Complexity of thinking
  • Behavioral strengths and limitations,
with an emphasis on how these aspects dimensions interact to define the whole person.

Using  CDF, either in a formal sense for leadership assessment or as tool with which to understand other people at work, enables professionals to work with individuals, team and whole organizations for their development in the following ways:
Leading / Transforming Others
Go to the core of a client’s personal development
  • Assist transformation towards higher developmental levels
  • Manage individual differences in development
  • Transform executive teams
  • Transform corporate culture
Emotional Maturity
Take an active role in shaping your life
  • Understand where you presently are in your development
  • Discover and start to live your own authentic self
  • Balance your social-emotional and cognitive development
Complexity of Thinking
Become a more fluid thinker
  • Manage complexity and realities in conflict with each other
  • Shape your reality by focusing on:
    • The interrelations of a complex world
    • Constant movement in the world
    • Forming a truly holistic perspective
  • Design substantial interventions for a world in transformation
Strengths and Limitations: Behavior
Integrate the psychological factors affecting personal development
  • Identify root strengths and challenges influencing development
  • Use cognitive skills to overcome present limitations
  • Deal more effectively with “difficult” people

Three Stages of the CDF Certification

CDF Certification Stages

IDM is at the forefront of institutions teaching new and profound findings about adult development 
Managers, Management Consultants, Coaches, Mediators and Educators need to build effective helping relationships. If you are a human resources professional or otherwise responsible for leading people, you will definitely benefit from insights practiced and taught at the Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM).
Once it is understood that the cognitive, social-emotional and psychological characteristics of a person have to be integrated in order to understand a client’s developmental challenges, one’s professional landscape changes from a flatland to a landscape with peaks and valleys in which clients can be transparently positioned. There is no magic to that, only an effort to identify and learn how adults actually develop over their life span, and what this means for how they behave in the world.
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