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Our Partner: Instituto Ben Pensante

In partnership with the Instituto Ben Pensante, IDM expands their courses and teaching to Spain and our Director of Education is developing live-sessions in conjunction with the Instituto.
The Ben Pensante Institute trains in Live and Team Coaching, Mentoring, NLP, Adult Development and Storytelling, inter alia, to:

  • Help entrepreneurs or executives finding the tools to get the 100% potential of their teams.
  • Get everyone involved in its own work in the company as a great opportunity to show the best of themselves.

In Ben Pensante Institute we support the companies on success, which lives the paradigm “focus on the persons instead on the tasks”

Which process do we apply to the companies’ success?

  • Business Transition Model:  process to define and achieve strategic change that company needs, acting with and in the team.
  • Directive Evolution Process: we work with the steering committee of a company or the management team of a business unit for an integration of Talent Management and People Development.
  • Directive Excellence Process: we work with the manager for the auto-creation of its best, taking as the big test for it achieve its own business goals.
  • Excellence Team Process: we work with management and middle management of the organization to achieve its best, taking as the big test for it achieve its own business goals.

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